IDR Meter Data Portal Frequently Asked Questions
1.       Why do I have to register to use the new IDR Meter Data Portal?
 Oncor has enhanced its registration requirements in an effort to improve meter data security.Oncor has enhanced its registration requirements in an effort to improve meter data security.
2.   Who can register for the IDR Meter Data Portal?
Employees of the customer of record may register to use the portal. 
3.   Can I register Multiple ESI IDs?
Yes.  The portal will allow you to register multiple ESI IDs under the same User ID.  You may enter multiple ESI IDs at the same time or copy and paste them from a spreadsheet.
4.   Do I need the entire ESI ID or can I just submit the last seven digits?
You will need to enter the entire 17 digit ESI ID.  ESI IDs can be found on your electric bill. 
5.   What are the first ten digits of an ESI ID?
Each ESI ID consists of 17 digits.  The first 10 digits of an ESI ID are identifiers unique to Oncor.  ESI IDs for most Oncor customers will begin with “1044372000” while ESI IDs for customers in the former SESCO service territory begin with “1017699000”.   The last seven digits of the ESI ID are unique to the customer’s premise.
6.    Why do I have to save the zip file containing the interval data before opening it?
Many browsers require compressed file format folders (such as zip files) to be saved prior to  opening them.
7.    What are the password requirements?
Each password must be from 6 to 8 characters in length and must contain at least one number, one alpha character, and one special character such as @,# etc.
8.    What if I forget my password?
You can send a request to to reset your password.
9.    If I’m a contractor, can I access the portal?
Contractors will need to gain access to the portal from registered users who are employees of the customer of record.
10. Why does Oncor conduct an annual audit of the registered users?
To improve meter data security and ensure the validity of all registered users, an annual request will be sent to confirm each registered user’s portal status.  The audit process will be simple and only take a few seconds to complete.